Valentine's Day 2020 - #KSSCLOVE Stories

The week before Valentine's Day, we reached out to KSSC teams & players on social media and out at the games for their stories of #KSSCLOVE. The response has been incredible, and we've compiled all the stories below! We hope they give you a smile, and show how friends, family and yes, even love can all be enhanced through sport.

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Meet Mac and Ashton!

Until September 2018, Mac didn't know what he was missing without a certain someone by his side. Then Ashton came into Mac's life and all else is history!

From playing volleyball two times a week to enjoying skating at Market Square and waiting patiently for beach volleyball this summer, these two have made a great team and are always pushing one another to be better.


Joanne and Michael met 10 years ago when they were set up by mutual friends. Married for 8 years now, they have two kids, ages six and three. They have been members of KSSC's All Sorts Of Sports and Pub league for two years now.

Every week they drive from Gananoque to Kingston to join in the fun. They look forward to it each week as it is a great chance to socialize, not to mention a nice break from the kids! When asked what they like most about the league they say it's great exercise, in a non-competitive atmosphere. Unless of course the two of them are on opposite teams. Then it's game on!


Isobel and Scott met in college. Isobel had previously played soccer with TSSC and they both signed up for All Sorts of Sports with OSSC in the summer of 2013. They were married in October 2013 and now have a five year old daughter, Mary.

The two of them have been with the All Sorts of Sports and Pub league with KSSC since 2018. They both like that it gets them out, keeps them active and they get to enjoy good food and good beer while socializing with friends!


As you can tell, the KSSC Friday night All-Sorts-of-Sports & Pub Social group is really feeling the love! They can't wait to play together again on Valentine's Day – thanks for sharing the fun photos with us, everyone!


Thomas (originally from Toronto) and Justin (from Whitby) were both new to Kingston and shortly thereafter joined KSSC as individuals, not knowing many people in the area. Through this method they met and became very good friends. They have been playing floor hockey now together for over 3 seasons. This includes two nights of floor hockey this winter season (Monday and Wednesday), and they both plan to try another sport come the Sprummer season!

Through KSSC, these two have also met many other teammates who they now consider good friends. Both speak very highly of KSSC, namely Thomas, who (previous to KSSC) had gotten in a really bad car accident. He gives a lot of props to KSSC in helping him on his road to recovery.


Joe and Jen have enhanced their degree of competitive sports through KSSC! They both enjoy playing Basketball together (especially Jen). Jen encourages Joe to continue sports with KSSC functions. This month makes it their 8 month anniversary! Congratulations Joe and Jen! From all of us here at KSSC, we wish you both a Happy Valentines Day! 


Meet "Bad News Balls!"

There is no greater love than showing your team that you care. This team has been together for 2-3 seasons and enjoy every minute they spend with one another. You can see the level of commitment when you watch them play! Each teammate brings a unique contribution to the community, and encourages their KSSC family to become better versions of themselves. Through laughs and wins, Bad News Balls is one team that focuses on providing a fun atmosphere and developing long-lasting friendships. We wish you all a Happy Valentines Day! 


Meet Jeremy and Laura!

"I, Jeremy and my girlfriend, Laura, have been together for over 3 years now! I was living out west at the time with our friend Paul and we got in contact through him; we first met in person at the Ottawa Airport when i flew home to see her. We are on our 8th season of playing KSSC together as a couple. Playing has definitely brought us closer together as we get to work on our communication skills. Even if we get a little too competitive the odd time, we always find a way to ground each other. We love the league!"


Meet Greentencity!

"This group has fundamentally known each other in some capacity since high school, and in some cases, earlier than that - classmates, soccer teammates, soccer opponents, old family friends, siblings, and I even coached one of them in U12. For myself, the team is full of my younger sister and brother's friends. Through all our years with KSSC, they have now also become my friends and we have celebrated many events, like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and of course, KSSC championships, together. As adults, we find our lives very busy, and the whole team really appreciates our weekly games with KSSC, as it helps us to keep these old and new friendships strong!"


Meet "The Green Team"!

“The Green Team” was established 15 years ago in a gym the team rented. About 7-10 years ago the team decided to join KSSC and they have never looked back! 15 years full of fun, laughter and friendship!


Meet Neil and his daughter Eiryn!

Life's busy schedule doesn't stop these two from finding time to spend together. Neil and Eiryn are a welcome sight to the floor hockey courts each week, bringing with them energy, enthusiasm, and a couple of infectious smiles! There are no bonds stronger than family, and these two show it! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Neil and Eiryn!