Workout Warrior

COVID-19 Protocols. 

Instructor Protocol

  • Instructors are required to wear face masks to and from class.
  • It is at the Instructors discretion whether to wear a face mask during the class (not required).
  • The instructor will be positioned well away from class participants.
  • The instructor will administer hand sanitizing spray for all participants before and after class.
  • The instructor will do a roll call before each class for tracing purposes.
  • The Instructor is responsible for disinfecting cones and other props required to run the class before and after each group session.

Participant Protocol

  • Participants will be socially distanced during class
  • Participants from the same household are required to also socially distance before, during and after class while at the facility.  
  • Participants are not permitted to touch any part of the instructors sanitization kit or contents.
  • Participants are not permitted to touch the cones and props positioned by the instructor.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat. 
  • Please keep your water bottle and personal items in the designated spot.
  • No sharing equipment or yoga mats.
  • Subsititute dancing partners are not permitted once the program has started.

There are no washrooms on-site.