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What you need to know about Curling!

# of Players on Ice & Suggested Roster Size

Teams are comprised of four (4) players on the ice. There is no gender requirements, however, we strongly encourage co-ed teams. 


Suggested roster size of 4-6 players. 

Roster Requirements

COVID-19 LEAGUE MODIFICATIONS - Each sport has specific mandatory roster requirements. 



  • As a result of capacity limits, each team roster size must not exceed 6 players at each game.
  • Substitute players are permitted.All players on your team (including substitute players) are required to sign the waiver and must show on your team’s roster online.
Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) COVID-19 LEAGUE MODIFICATIONS - All teams must assign a Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) for the season. 

The TSA must be a registered player and identified using the “TSA” label in your online roster.

Click here to read more about the role of the Team Safety Ambassador and their important responsibilities. 

All Curling equipment will be provided at the Curling Club (Brooms, rocks, etc). All players are responsible for bringing clean indoor shoes.

Boots, outdoor shoes, or large chunky shoes are not acceptable - players will not be allowed to play.

Equipment will be properly cleaned before and after use.  Sanitization options will be available on-site.

Additional League Information

All teams receive:

  • Digital key tag which gives you access to discounts and deals from our amazing sponsors and partners around town! *More partners coming soon!
  • An invitation to the KSSC end of season party (pending). 

Championship winning teams receive:

  • A personalized Team Trophy
  • Coveted KSSC Champion t-shirts for everyone on your team!
  • Bragging rights


COVID-19 RULE MODIFICATIONS - Please refer to the sport rules page to view league rules.  It is the responsibility of all players to read and understand the sport specific rules as well as the general rules & club policies.

About Spirit Points: Spirit points are awarded to a team from their opponent after each game to encourage sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and fair play.  For more information and how to properly award spirit points, please see our section ‘All About Spirit Points’.


KSSC curling leagues will primarly take place at the Royal Kingston Curling Club (RKCC) at 130 Days Rd.