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Ballroom Dancing

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What you need to know about Ballroom Dancing;


# of People per Class

12-18 people per class.


Class Breakdown

This 6 Week session will introduce you to the Waltz, East Coast Swing, Jive and Cha ChaLearn steps that will take you from the practice floor to the dance floor in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.


Each week we’ll cover the basics: Timing, Style/Characteristics, Lead/Follow, Etiquette and so much more!


Classes include 1 hour lesson and ½ hour supervised practice, where individual attention will be given.


Individuals and couples welcome.  Participants are expected to rotate partners – a great way to meet new people and expand your dancing skills!!

Instructor Information

Your amazing instructor will be Nomusa Mngoma! Click HERE to read the instructor bio.

Required Equipment

Dance shoes are not required. Any comfortable indoor shoe is fine, however the sole should NOT be rubber (running shoes) as they tend to stick and make it difficult to turn/pivot, etc.


What to wear? Comfortable clothing.  Ladies, watch out for hair accessories and big jewellery as they can get caught during turns. Skirts should not be too short or tight as they may restrict movement. Sweaters or loose fitting tops may catch as well. Please note that some people may be more dressed up than others, especially if coming from work, but jeans and t-shirt are fine too…


Dress as if you are going to a party or social, that way you'll be more in the mood to dance!



There are two rules;

1) Participants must dance at all times

2) Participants must have a good time and laugh often


Ballroom Classes will take place at the west-end Boys & Girls Club (Frontenac Mall) in the studio room.