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Ball Hockey

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What you need to know about Outdoor Ball Hockey 5's!

# of People on Court

5 players in total (4 players and 1 goaltender). The 4 players on the court must be 1 male and 1 female. 


Mandatory Roster Requirements

COVID-19 LEAGUE MODIFICATIONS - Each sport has specific mandatory roster requirements. 


Ball Hockey 5's: 

  • 8 players maximum on roster per team.
  • 6 teams maximum per league (tier).
  • 48 participants maximum per league (tier).


1) No substitute players allowed outside of your 8-player roster maximum (unless from the same league and tier).


2) All players on your team are required to sign the waiver and show on your Team's roster online. 


3) Game day wellness checks “COVID-19 Self Screening” must be completed by all players prior to participation.


4) Players must maintain physical distancing of 2-meters before, during and after all activities.  This includes arriving on-site, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game.


5) No Spectators are allowed under any circumstance (this includes kids, family, etc).

For more information regarding Roster Sizes & Specific Team Numbersclick here.

Team Safety Ambassador (TSA)

COVID-19 LEAGUE MODIFICATIONS - All teams must assign a Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) for the season. 

The TSA must be a registered player and identified using the “TSA” label in your online roster.

TSA Role: 

  • Watch a pre-season Safe Return to Play training video.
  • Keep a record of attendance at each game.  This record may be called upon for contact tracing. 
  • Ensure individual wellness checks “COVID-19 Self Screening” are completed by each player prior to each game.
  • Ask players to leave the game if they arrive showing symptoms of cold or flu.
  • Ensure physical distancing measures are enforced by your team.  Physical distancing of two meters is mandatory when players are arriving on-site, playing the sport, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game.
  • Sport-specific rules may adjust physical distancing measures taken on the playing surface.
  • Players must always stay within their designated bench or standing area while not on the playing surface.
  • Ensure your team follows posted ENTER / EXIT signage at facilities (controlled traffic flow).
  • Remind all players to arrive on time and leave immediately after the game is over.
  • Ensure your team is following the equipment sanitization requirements for your sport.
  • Ensure all players have read and understand mandatory Club COVID-19 Protocols.



  • Equipment including nets and balls (Winnwell cold weather street hockey ball) will be provided and set-up each week by the SSC Game Coordinator or facility staff.
  • Player Equipment:
    • Teams must bring and use their own hockey sticks. All sticks (except goaltenders) must have plastic, graphite, composite, or ABS blades.  Wood blades are not permitted. Tape is not permitted anywhere on the blade of the stick. Butt ends of all sticks must either have tape covering the end of the shaft, or a rubber end.
    • Players must wear protective gloves (ball hockey or ice hockey gloves are recommended).
    • Players must wear appropriate foot footwear (running shoes).
    • Players can wear eye protection, mouth guard, helmet, jock strap & shin guards (suggested).
  • Goaltender Equipment:
    • Teams must bring and use their own goaltender equipment; however, they must meet the requirements below as the ball is harder than the usual indoor Floor Hockey ball. To read and understand the goaltender equipment requirements see the sport rules tab.
      • Wear a helmet/mask at all times with no exceptions (players MUST bring their own).  
      • Use a goalie stick (can be any material).
      • Street/Ball/Ice hockey pads (mandatory).
      • Blockers (any size is permitted).
      • Trappers (any size is permitted).
      • A chest protector/shoulder pad.
      • Neck guard (suggested).
      • Hockey pants or leg protection.
      • Do not share your goalie gear with other players or teams.
  • Teams should bring both light and dark coloured shirts to each game.
  • Teams are encouraged to bring a first aid kit to each game.
  • Teams are required to wash/sanitize all team equipment before and after the game.  Do not share your equipment with other teams.


NEW League Modifications

COVID-19 LEAGUE MODIFICATIONS - Returning to league sports this season will be a unique experience. As part of our "Safe Return to Play" format, we are focusing on the safety of our staff and players and leaning into the FUN and SOCIAL aspects of our leagues!


League Guidelines – For further details, click here.

  • Fall Leagues will be played “for fun” with no playoffs.  Scores and standings will still appear on our website.
  • No prizing or trophies will be awarded. 
  • Leagues will be played in smaller Tiers to ensure limited contact with opponents throughout the season.  Tiers will be determined based on skill rankings (at registration) and past league results.
  • Each Tier will be confined to a limited number of facilities.  You will play at consistent location(s) throughout the season. Please note, we are unable to accommodate or make facility changes based on individual requests this season. 
  • All leagues will have an even number of teams to avoid double-header play. 
  • Game times will be staggered by a minimum of 10 minutes across all sports leagues to ensure safe traffic flow.
  • Players are asked to compete with a “Play On” mentality.  No arguing or disputing calls made during the game. 


COVID-19 FALL RULE MODIFICATIONS - Please refer to the sport rules page to view league rules.  It is the responsibility of all players to read and understand the sport specific rules as well as the general rules & club policies.

Modified Score & Spirit Point Reporting

  • Fall Leagues will be played “for fun” with no playoffs.  Scores and standings will still appear on our website.
  • No prizing or trophies will be awarded. 

About Spirit Points: Spirit points are awarded to a team from their opponent after each game to encourage sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and fair play.  For more information and how to properly award spirit points, please see our section ‘All About Spirit Points.’


Fall 2020 Outdoor Ball Hockey games will be played at:

  • Italo Club Parking Lot (1174 Italia Ln)