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Pottery Workshop

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What you need to know about KSSC's Pottery Workshop:

# of participants

Classes have a maximum of 8 participants.

Equipment & Clothing

All equipment will be provided on-site.  


Wear clothes and shoes you can get muddy in. Something you would wear while gardening.

Additional Class Information

KSSC's Pottery Classes operate in partnership with Amaranth Stoneware. 


Amaranth Stoneware is a local production pottery studio making and creating pottery & providing supplies sold throughout North America. Representing the importance of handmade and eco-friendly production. 


Amaranth Stoneware provides classes, workshops and open studio time for all skill levels day and night. This 4 week pottery workshop is unique to KSSC.


For more information or contact visit:



Throw clay on the wheel not at your friends! 

Participants must relax, have fun, and GET MUDDY!

For other class policies click here.


Classes take place at Amaranth Stoneware: 745 #7 Development Drive, Kingston Ontario.