Please Enter Your Skill Level!

You are registering for: Volley's For Hearts 2018 - Court Volleyball Tournament

New for Fall 2017, we are asking all registrants to submit a skill rating for themselves and/or full team based on skill level and previous playing experience. The objective is to use this information to improve the league competitive balance, ultimately creating a better sport experience for everyone!

Remember your score on the 1-10 scale is a reflection of your skill level WITHIN the specific division you have signed up for.

If you want to edit your skill rating after registration this can be accessed from Registration Status under the My Account tab when logged into your SSC account. Any skill ratings adjusted after midnight on Sunday, January 8th will not be taken into consideration when pooling leagues and creating indy rosters.

Example A - If you are new to a sport (i.e. have very little playing experience) or have decided to jump up a skill level which will be a welcome challenge you fall within the 1-3 range.

Example B - If you feel you’ll neither dominate the game nor be left behind during play you fall into the 4-6 range.

Example C - If you expect to finish in the top 3 to 4 teams in the league you fall into the 7-10 range.

Individual Registrations: Please use your best judgment to determine where you personally fall in the skill level. This information will be used when we form rosters so we can create balanced teams.

Team Registrations: Please use your best judgment to determine where your team collectively falls in the skill level. If you find 65% of your team is within a certain skill range this is likely the skill rating your team should be assigned.