Don Cherry's Sports Grill

KSSC is excited to announce a partnership with Don Cherry's Sports Grills for 2017!

Member Benefit

Take advantage of our Sponsor Deal!  Just show your current KSSC season key tag and get FREE FOOD! (KSSC Key Tags are given out at the season kick-off party to current players - be sure to get one from your captain!). 

The member benefit can also be used on non-game nights with your friends, colleagues and/or family providing the minimum people and expenditures are met.

The details involving the offer at Don Cherry's Sports Grill are as follows:

With 4-5 players:* - Entitled to 1 plate of Cherry Chips


With 6 or more players:* - Entitled to 1 Medium Pizza

*Note* - The average minimum spend at the table must be more than $8 per person.  If the minimum spend is not met, the guests will pay for the food items. This deal is only valid with regular priced menu items.

FREE Darts & Billiards! KSSC members receive free pool & darts anytime, just show your key tag!

About Don Cherry's Kingston

As you visit our restaurant you will recognize a few very unique things... Each Don Cherry location is encoraged to create and offer food items on their individual menus that REFLECT THE LOCAL TASTES AND CULTURES and can only be found in that particular Don Cherry's Sports Grill. So when you see the LF symbol beside one of our food offerings you know it's special to our Don Cherry's Only. Every Don Cherry's Sports Grill is Unique; just like Don's Jackets!

Weekly Specials

Details to come!


Don Cherry's Sports Bar is centrally located at 692 Princess Street.  Parking is available at the back of the restaurant or along the side streets.

Call: 613-777-0445

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