KSSC Team & Player Requirements

Returning to league sports will be a unique experience. As part of our "Safe Return to Play" format, we are focusing on the safety of our staff and players and leaning into the FUN and SOCIAL aspects of our leagues!

We ask that you please show respect and kindness to our staff and fellow KSSC members when playing sports.  Our mandatory COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines have been established to ensure your safety.  A zero-tolerance policy is in place for those who challenge these decisions. For teams/players found breaking our Protocols & Guidelines you will immediately cease to play and will be pulled from the league with no credit or refund. 

To ensure a successful season, please remember to practice safe physical distancing and a positive attitude!



  • Leagues will be played “for fun” with no playoffs.  Scores and standings will still appear on our website.
  • No prizing or trophies will be awarded. 
  • League Related Information:
    • Leagues will be played in smaller Tiers (Cohorts) to ensure limited contact with opponents throughout the season.  
    • Tiers will be determined based on skill rankings (at registration) and past league results.
    • Each Tier will be confined to a limited number of facilities.  You will play at consistent location(s) throughout the season. Please note, we are unable to accommodate or make facility changes based on individual requests this season. 
  • All leagues will have an even number of teams to avoid double-header play. 
  • Game times will be staggered by a minimum of 10 minutes where possible to ensure safe traffic flow.
  • Players are asked to compete with a “Play On” mentality.  No arguing or disputing calls made during the game.


  • Each League will be broken out into Tiers / Cohorts (small pools of teams within a sport and skill level).  
  • Team Captains are responsible for referencing and following their Sport Requirements when creating rosters.
  • Each Sport has specific team roster maximums that must be followed.
  • No substitute players are allowed outside of your roster maximums (unless from the same league and tier).
  • No spectators are allowed under any circumstance (players only).


  • Bring and use your own antibacterial hand sanitizer regularly throughout the game.
  • All players must wear a mask during your arrival/departure from the facility, and when not playing. You are not required to wear a mask while playing sport, however, players who wish to wear a mask during play are permitted to do so.
  • All players must read and follow the posted KSSC Safe Return to Play – Player Guidelines (click here)
  • Players must complete all requirements of being added to the team roster, including accepting the official KSSC waiver and agree to the “Safe Return to Play Guidelines” before participating.  All players must be 19 years of age or older – no exceptions.
  • Teams with players who have not signed the waivers will not be allowed to play until all players on the roster have signed the waiver.
  • Game day wellness checks “COVID-19 Self Screening” must be completed by all players prior to participation.
  • Players must maintain physical distancing of 2-meters before and after all activities.  This includes arriving on-site, resting/sitting on the sidelines, and departing the game.
    • Sport-specific rules may adjust physical distancing measures taken on the playing surface.
    • Players must always stay within their designated bench or standing area while not on the playing surface.


  • Players must respect and follow all posted signage at the facility. 
  • Players must read and adhere to the facility specific guidelines detailed in the Facility link once schedules are posted live. 
  • Washrooms & changerooms may not be available during the game.  Players should come to each game ready to play (in sports gear) and leave immediately after the game. 
  • Water fountains, vending machines, and canteens may not be available during the game.  Players are reminded that absolutely no food is permitted at the game-site.   


  • All teams must assign a Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) for the season. 
    • The TSA must be a registered player and identified using the “TSA” label in your online roster.
  • The role of the TSA will be:
    • Watch a pre-season Safe Return to Play training video.
    • Keep a record of attendance at each game.  This record may be called upon for contact tracing. 
    • Ensure individual wellness checks “COVID-19 Self Screening” are completed by each player prior to each game.
    • Ensure all players must wear a mask during your arrival/departure from the facility, and when not playing.
    • Ask players to leave the game if they arrive showing symptoms of cold or flu.
    • Ensure physical distancing measures are enforced by your team. 
    • Ensure your team follows posted ENTER / EXIT signage at facilities (controlled traffic flow).
    • Remind all players to arrive no more than 10 minutes before you game starts and leave immediately after the game is over.
    • Remind players to not enter a playing space until the game before yours has cleared the area OR until the SSC Game Coordinator has signaled for your team to enter.
    • Ensure your team is following the equipment sanitization requirements for your sport.
    • Ensure all players have read and understand the following documents.


  • All KSSC League Representatives (ELF, GC, Instructor, Referees) have been trained on the Safe Return to Play Guidelines.
  • Where applicable, on-site League Representatives will come prepared with PPE / Sanitization Kits to each activity. 
    • Training has been provided on when and how to use the kit for the sport and facility space they are overseeing. 
    • This kit is for use by the League Representative only.
  • Players are asked to review the Safe Return to Play – League Representative Guidelines (click here). 
  • Players must respect and follow directions given by the League Representative regarding COVID-19 safety.  There is a zero-tolerance policy in place for players and league representatives who do not follow the guidelines.
  • Not all sports and/or facilities will have a League Representative on-site.

KSSC will always take the lead from the local Public Health Agency.  There is always the possibility a Class, League or Tier will be paused, suspended, or cancelled due to changing restrictions or contact tracing.