Calendar of Events

Winter 2018 Meet & Greet

January 11, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Winter 2018 Meet & Greet Details

Each season we take over a partner pub and host a Meet & Greet event which brings members of KSSC together to meet your new teammates, celebrate the upcoming season with old teammates, share important information, pick-up your team’s equipment and generally have a great time! 

Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Location: Don Cherry's Sports Grill (692 Princess St).  We will be located in the basement section of the restaurant.

Parking:  Is available in the hotel lot behind the restaurant or on nearby side streets.  Please give your self an extra 5 minutes to find parking.  Do not park in the Automax lot as your car will be towed.

When Should I Show Up?

Individual Registrations @ 7:00pm:

Did you register as an Individual?  Show up at 7:00pm!  This is when you will meet your teammates for the first time, create a team name, nominate a captain, pick up your equipment (if required) and decide on a jersey colour.  Tables in the restaurant will have assigned teams with your name on it.  When you arrive, simply find your team’s table and introduce yourself!  KSSC Staff will meet with your team, share important information and answer any questions you may have!

Full Team Registrations @ 8:00pm:

Did you register as a full team?  Show up anytime after 8:00pm!  Bring out the whole team, or send a representative to pick up your equipment (see equipment requirements below) and get your membership newsletter which includes KSSC Key Tags for your teammates.  The Key Tag provides awesome discounts and free food from our partners around Kingston.


Equipment Pick-Up

Certain sports with KSSC require equipment that each team must have.  Check out your sport below and make sure someone on your team has picked up the gear!  All equipment requires a deposit which you will get back at the end of the season.  You can pay by cheque or credit (online).  

For more information about sport equipment requirements, visit your sport page on our website and select the 'Sport Info' tab.

Court Volleyball – 1 volleyball - $75 deposit (can use own ball).

Soccer - 1 Ball - $75 deposit (can use own equipment).

Softball - 3 balls, set of plates, catchers mask, scorebook - $75 deposit (can use own equipment).

Ultimate - 1 Frisbee, 5 cones - $25 deposit (can use own equipment).

Basketball - 1 Basketball - $75 deposit (can use own equipment).

All Sorts of Sports – Equipment will be provided on site by KSSC staff (no equipment required, just a fun and social attitude)!

KSSC has a partnership with Play It Again Sports!  If you are interested in buying your own equipment, show your key tag and get 15% discount on anything in the store!

See you at the Meet & Greet!