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KSSC League Policy

1) Team Captains:

 Captains are responsible for knowing the policies of the KSSC outlined here as well as the rules of their specific sport. They are also responsible for making sure that their teammates are aware of these policies and rules. Captains are also responsible for making sure that all required equipment is present for all games. 

Players: All participants must be 19 years of age or older.

2) Physical or Unsportsmanlike Play:

Play that is rough or overtly aggressive, taunting, or un-sportsmanlike acts (name calling, threats and intimidation) will not be tolerated by the KSSC. If reports of this kind of behavior are received, the following steps are taken: i) First report - player or team receives a verbal warning. ii) Second report - player or team receives a second warning verbally and in writing. iii) Third report - player or team receives final verbal and written warning. iv) Fourth report - player or team is ejected from the league without refund and is not welcome back!

Teams can and will be held responsible for their players' conduct. If someone on your squad is behaving inappropriately, it is YOUR responsibility to keep him or her from doing so. In addition, the KSSC reserves the right to skip steps as outlined above and immediately eject a team or player from the league without refund.

Stopped Games: An on-site SSC Coordinator may stop a game before the full time has expired due to overly aggressive play, persistent unsportsmanlike conduct or a general violation of the rules of the game. This decision is solely at the discretion of Coordinator.  If the decision is made to stop the game early, the score will be recorded as a loss for both teams.  In addition, both teams will be given an automatic warning (as outlined above).  The exception to this rule is if the on-site Coordinator has stopped the game because of the inappropriate play of only one team.  The non-offending team will receive the win, regardless of the score at the time the game was stopped. *Note* The KSSC office has the final judgement on score and game outcomes.

3) Fighting/Punching:

Instances of this behavior will be cause for immediate expulsion for all individuals involved, whether they are the instigators or retaliating.

4) Incidents Which Result in Loss of Permits:

Any team involved with any incident that results in the loss of a permit, facility, location or field will be expelled from the league without refund.

5) Emergency Contact List:

All team captains are advised to carry a list of emergency contact numbers for players on their team. In the event of an injury/emergency, these numbers can be utilized to notify the player's family in cases where medical treatment/attention is required. Captains are also advised to include a list of hospitals with emergency room service on this page. It will take the guesswork out of situations that are stressful and time sensitive.

6) First aid:

First aid is the responsibility of the team captain. Ice packs, band aids, tensors and athletic tape are all things which can be used in the event of minor scrapes and bruises. If an KSSC representative is on hand when there is an injury, we will be happy to assist in any way we can. We are not, however, responsible for providing tape for bad ankles, fingers etc. The KSSC representative is not responsible for administering first aid. There may be a first-aid kit on-site at some venues, but please be prepared for all situations. KSSC is not responsible for the cost of emergency care. It is at the sole discretion of the injured player and/or team whether to call an ambulance.

7) Scores:

It is a team captain’s responsibility to submit the scores of each game within 48 hours (this can be done via the KSSC website).  If one team submits the score and the opposing team does not confirm within 48 hours, the score submitted will automatically be applied to both teams and the reporting team will receive 5 spirit points.  Scores not reported by either team do not appear in the standings and spirit points are not awarded.  Scores will only be available to confirm if a score is entered by one of the two teams within the 48 hour reporting period.
Score Disputes:

In the case of a score dispute where both teams cannot come to an agreement on the final score, KSSC reserves the right of final judgment.  All decisions from this point will be final. 

8) Discrepancies:

Discrepancies or arguments regarding scores, complaints, or any other ambiguous item must be dealt with within 3 business days after the latest posting of the scores on our website for the week in question. During the final week of the regular season, any and all discrepancies must be resolved by 5pm the following day. Captains should ensure that the score of their game has been recorded correctly by checking the KSSC website. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE LOOKING FOR SCORES – sometimes scores are delayed in being reported, but they will always be posted as soon as they become available.

9) Standings:

Wins are worth 2 points, ties are worth 1, and losses are worth 0. If a team defaults, they will lose one point. Ties in the standings will be broken first on head-to-head play. If there are more than 2 teams that are tied, all the teams must have played each other in order for the results to go to head-to-head. Otherwise, least points against, then +/-, then most points for will determine the placement in that order (updated July 06). Standings will be posted here on the web site.

10) Waivers:

All players, new or old to the KSSC, MUST fill out and sign a waiver, regardless if they have filled one out for previous seasons. These are to be returned to the KSSC by no later than the second week of play. Teams whose waivers aren't in by the second week will have scores recorded as losses.

For a printable copy of the waiver please click the following link: KSSC 2020 Printable Waiver

11) Defaulting:

Teams that default more than 2 games may be asked to leave the league without refund. If you know you may not be able to field a full team, please call the other captain in advance. You should attend with as many people as you can and play pick up. It is the fun and polite thing to do.

Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding the minimum people but this should be decided before the game starts. IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS! Should a default dispute arise and the game was played, the SSC ruling is that the game counts. Captains should communicate clearly regarding defaulting circumstances, as to avoid a potential dispute.

12) Dress:

All players should bring both a dark & light coloured shirt to all games, and captains should decide who wears which colour. If teams have uniforms this may not be necessary. Also, players should remove all jewelry prior to play.  Every player must wear non-marking athletic shoes to participate. 



14) Equipment:

KSSC shall not be liable for any injuries or repercussions to players / teams not following our mandatory equipment regulations (see each specific sport rules for details on mandatory equipment). Note that players not following our policies are taking on a personal risk and will become liable should an incident happen due to such negligence. 

15) Playoffs:

  • The KSSC does their best to get as many teams playing in the playoffs as possible, however it is possible that NOT ALL teams will have a game during the final week of play.
  • During the regular season, team captains can use ANYONE as a player for their team (as long as they have filled out and submitted an KSSC waiver form). However, to play on playoff nights players must have attended a min. of 2 regular season games (6-9 week regular season) or 3 games (10-14 week regular season) for that team. For beach/court volleyball and dodgeball, as multiple games are played per night, this rule extends to 'nights of play' respectively. Please respect this rule. Ringers are not welcome on playoff nights!
  • During playoffs, a player is only allowed to play on 1 Team for a given night. You cannot sub in for another team.

16) Indoor Sports:

Please respect the schools: put things back where you found them, take all of your items with you, and put trash in provided receptacles.

You are in someone's work and learning environment. You would not like it if someone came in at night and left a pile of water bottles and clothing on your desk. Please be out by the hour specified on your schedule. It will either be 9:30pm or 10pm. If you abuse this, game times will be made earlier and the league could lose its permits leaving you with NO REFUND and NO GAMES. This is in your hands. Enter and exit ONLY by the specified areas. Do not wander the schools in areas other than the gyms. Showers are not provided.

17) Blood:

Any player who begins to bleed during a game must leave the playing area immediately. This player cannot return to the game until the bleeding has stopped and the wound has been sufficiently covered.

18) Foul Weather Policy: 

All SSC games go ahead rain or shine (including snow). In the event of severe weather (thunder, lightning, electrical storms, etc.), games should immediately be stopped and players should take cover away from open spaces.  Observe the 30/30 rule and when there is 30 seconds or less between lightning and thunder, wait 30 minutes before resuming play.  If the weather does not stop, check specific sport rules for detailed ruling outcome and confirm with your opponents.  If one team shows up during foul weather to play and the other team is missing, or if one team leaves mid-game and there is an opportunity to continue play - it is an automatic win for the present team.

Unfortunately, SSC is not able to control weather conditions.  In the event of a field closure or risk of field damage, SSC will endeavour to provide a rescheduled game.  Some leagues have pre-set rain dates located on the registration page.  If SSC believes the game was playable but both teams do not show up, there will not be a rescheduled game.  As stated above, both teams must show up at the time of their game to determine if it is safe to play AT THAT TIME/LOCATION. 

In the case of a missed game due to weather in the first week of playoffs, the last game will be played 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th etc. In the case of a missed game in the second week of playoffs (final game), the final ranking of the standings page will determine the final placement for the season.

19) Metal Cleats:

Metal cleats are not permitted in any KSSC leagues.

20) Rescheduling:

In the event of a missed game due to team absence, KSSC does NOT reschedule games.

In the event of a facility closure or cancelled games by KSSC, every effort will be made to reschedule games. *NOTE* This may cause games to be played on a different day/time/location than originally allocated to the league by KSSC.

21) Contact Information:

KSSC members' contact information is provided to other team captains and individual registrants in their sport, in the event that players need to communicate regarding league issues. If players wish to have their contact information omitted from team listings, then KSSC cannot be held responsible for lapsed information or missed games. Contact information may also be posted by KSSC members themselves at the Player Forum. Groups or individuals who take or use this information for any other purpose than communicating about KSSC league activity will be ejected without appeal or refund and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. KSSC will not sell or distribute contact information to third parties.

22) Double header games: 

A double header occurs when there are an uneven amount of teams playing in one league.  In order to allow every team the opportunity to play every week during the season - each week one team will play a double header (2 games back to back).  In your league schedule, the double header game is indicated by an asterisk (*) next to your team name. This means this game does not count for your team within the standings but it does count for the other team.

Spirit Point Policy

Spirit Points are awarded on a scale from 0-5. When reporting scores, the captain must indicate the number of spirit points they would like to award to the other team. If a captain fails to call in the score, the other team will automatically receive a rating of 5. Spirit points account for 25% of the overall standings and the game results will account for 75%. To make this calculation, the raw number for spirit points must first be divided by 2.5 so that it is the same base number as your game points.

If a team defaults their game, they automatically lose their right to award spirit points to the team that they defaulted against - and the team that was defaulted upon automatically receives a "5" for their spirit score. Teams that are defaulted against can award the defaulting team any value that they want.

If a team chooses to award the opposing team a spirit point score of 4 or less, team captains must provide a written justification. This enables KSSC staff the opportunity to gain a better understanding to improve the playing experience, provide constructive feedback to teams and give great teams positive feedback! The KSSC reserves the right to change the spirit point score if insufficient detail is provided. Please note that once Spirit Point scores have been submitted, they can only be raised retroactively, not lowered.

*Remember: teams should automatically be giving other teams a 5 for spirit points and then deducting marks for anything negative that occurred in the game*

Teams that play by the rules, get to games on time, and play with good sportsmanship will flourish!

Spirit Rating = 5 - "Enjoyable game, everyone had fun, no issues"

  • Our opponents were ready to start the game on time.
  • All of our players really enjoyed playing against all of the opposing team's players.
  • Our opponents exhibited a great deal of sportsmanship throughout the game.
  • Our opponents were extremely knowledgeable about the rules, OR were very receptive to learning them.
  • Overall, our game was extremely fun…we wish all of our opponents were like this.

Spirit Rating = 4 - "Good game, most people had fun, little to no issues"

  • Our opponents were ready to start the game on time.
  • Most of our players enjoyed playing against most of the opposing team's players. 
  • Our opponents exhibited good sportsmanship throughout the game. 
  • Our opponents were fairly knowledgeable about the rules, OR were fairly receptive to learning them.
  • Overall, our game was fun with 1 or 2 minor incidents taking place.

Spirit Rating = 3 - "Satisfactory game, some people had fun, some issues"

  • Most of our opponents were ready to start the game on time.
  • Some of our players enjoyed playing against some of the opposing team's players.
  • Our opponents exhibited some sportsmanship throughout the game.
    (i.e. 1-2 players negatively affected our enjoyment of the game).
  • Our opponents seemed to know most of the rules, but sometimes made questionable calls. 
  • Overall, the game was okay, but there was a few isolated plays or discrepancies.

Spirit Rating = 2 - "Unsatisfactory game, low level of fun, several issues"

  • Some of our opponents were late for the game, so our game didn't start on time. 
  • Most of our players did not enjoy playing against most of the opposing team's players.
  • Our opponents exhibited a lack of sportsmanship throughout the game. 
    (i.e. 3-4 players negatively affected our enjoyment of the game).
  • Our opponents seemed confused about some of the rules, and were not receptive to learning them. 
  • Overall, several discrepancies or opposing players made the game not much fun to play.

Spirit Rating = 1 - "Unsportsmanship game, little enjoyment, significant issues"

  • Most of our opponents were late for the game, so our game didn't start on time.
  • None of our players enjoyed playing against the opposing team.
  • Our opponents exhibited poor sportsmanship throughout the game.
    (i.e. 5-6 players negatively affected our enjoyment of the game).
  • Our opponents were not very knowledgeable about the rules and did not want to learn them. 
  • Overall, this team was not fun at all to play against.

Spirit Rating = 0 - "Extremely unsportsmanlike game, no one had fun, consequential issues "

  • Our opponents were late, or did not have enough people to field a team. 
  • Our opponents did not contact us before the game to let us know that they would not be making it.
  • None of our players enjoyed playing against the opposing team.
  • Our opponents (all players) exhibited no spirit, resulting in rude, unsportsmanlike or dangerous instances.
  • Our opponents did not understand the rules at all and did not want to learn.
  • Overall, this is one of the worst spirited teams that we have ever played against.

Refund/Registration Policy

  • All team & individual spots will only be held once FULL payment has been received.  
  • NO refund policy applies to the following situations:

    a) Once a sport, tournament or social event has been sold out (exception: when SOLD OUT no refund will be issued to any team/individual, unless team/individual finds a replacement for themselves). Before the refund is granted the replacement team/individual must call the SSC office to provide payment). 

    b) Player injuries, change in physical condition or changes in circumstance.

    c) Teams or individuals suspended or ejected from SSC leagues due to any breaches of SSC Policy (e.g. fighting, alcohol at facilities, etc).

    d) For closures due to inclement weather, defaulted, cancelled or rescheduled games.
  • All refund requests must be submitted by email (no phone calls please).

Before Registration Deadline

  • Leagues/Weekly Activities/Tournaments/Social Events:  Any team/individual requesting a refund up to, and including, the registration deadline will receive a full refund, less the administrative fee of $45.00 + tax for teams and $15.00 + tax for individuals.
  • Individual Registration:  Full payment and complete information is required to be considered ‘registered’.  If SSC is unable to place you on a team, you will receive a full refund within 13 to 15 business days.  Please note every attempt will be made to place you on a team (i.e. following league policy for the appropriate female/male ratio).

After Registration Deadline

  • There is no refund after the registration deadline. 
    (Exception: Team/individuals can find a replacement to take their spot.  Before the credit is granted the replacement team/individual must call the SSC office and provide payment. Approval of replacement team/individual is at the sole discretion of SSC).  
  • After the registration deadline a late fee of $40.00 + tax will apply for teams and $10 + tax for individuals for late league registration.

NSF Cheques

  • Administrative fee of $25.00 + tax will be charged for NSF cheques (Team & Individual registration).