All About Spirit Points

“What are ‘Spirit Points’?” you ask!  Spirit Points are KSSC’s unique way of encouraging honesty, integrity and fair play on the field.  Because all of our leagues are self-officiated, we have designed this Spirit Point system in order to promote sportsmanship and keep all of our games FUN and safe for our members!

“How do these cool Spirit Points work?” you wonder!  Well, Spirit Points are awarded on a scale from 0-5 with five being the best score you can receive. When reporting scores after the completion of a game, along with the actual game score the captain must indicate the number of spirit points they would like to award to the other team.

Spirit points account for 25% of the overall standings and the game results will account for 75%. (To make this calculation, the raw number for spirit points must first be divided by 2.5 so that it is the same base number as your game points.)

If a captain fails to submit their Spirit score within 48 hours of game completion, the other team will automatically receive a rating of 5.  If a team defaults their game, they automatically lose their right to award spirit points to the team that they defaulted against - and the team that was defaulted upon automatically receives a "5" for their Spirit score. Teams that are defaulted against can award the defaulting team any value they choose.

If a team chooses to award the opposing team a spirit point score of less than 3, it MUST be accompanied by a written report justifying the low score.  A score of 0 – 2.5 with no accompanying legitimate justification will automatically be adjusted to a 3 by KSSC.  Please note that once Spirit Point scores have been submitted, they can only be increased retrospectively, not decreased.

“How do I know how many Spirit Points I should be giving out?” you inquire!  Here are the base definitions of the each level of Spirit:

5 – Enjoyable game, everyone had fun, no issues

4 – Good game, most people had fun, little to no issues

3 – Satisfactory game, some people had fun, some issues

2 – Unsatisfactory game, low level of fun, several issues

1 – Unsportsmanship game, little enjoyment, significant issues

0 – Extremely unsportsmanlike game, no one had fun, consequential issues 

“I’m still unclear about these Spirit Points” you say with a frown on your face.  Turn that frown upside down and check out a longer definition of each level of Spirit on the Policy page HERE.

If you would still like further information about Spirit Points, please give us a call at 613-544-8326 x114 or email and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions!