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Winter 2014 End of Season PARTY!

- AND - 

Back by Popular Demaind - Team Pub Quiz NIGHT!

When: Thursday April 24th, 2014 @ 7:00pm

Where: Fanatics Sports Lounge 

Join us for KSSC's Winter 2014 Season Wrap Up Party! It is time to get together with your teammates and competitors for a few beers, some great food and look back on the awesome Winter season that was.

As always we will be awarding championship winning teams with the coveted KSSC Champions T-Shirts and Trophy's!  Leave your sneakers, dodgeballs, cleats and hockey sticks behind and come out for a great time.

Pub Quiz Night Details

Think you and your team has what it takes to win the KSSC Pub Quiz Challenge??? 

Bring your team and participate in the Pub Quiz! Answer the questions correctly for your chance to win awesome prizes from our Sponsors - Moosehead, Fanatics, Subway Restaurants, + More!  Remember, no cheating is allowed!  Cell phones will be stacked on the table!


Looking to get your equipment deposit refunded, this is the party to do it!

See you at the Party!

Sprummer 2014 Kick Off Party

It's that time of year, SPRUMMER IS HERE!

Date: Thursday May 8th, 2014

Location - Fanatics Sports Lounge (371 Princess Street)

Each season we host a Kick-Off Party which brings members of KSSC together to meet your new teammates, celebrate the upcoming season with old teammates, share important information, pick-up your team’s equipment and generally have a great time!  Also, team captains and individuals registrants will receive their membership packages which include your Key Tag for the Sprummer 2013 season. 

The Sprummer 2014 Key Tag provides you with awesome discounts and free food from our partners around Kingston

*SPECIAL* - Free Moosehead Beer  Sampling Night!

7pm-8pm – Individuals Meeting 

Sign up as an Individual? – This is when you will meet your teammates for the first time, create a team name, nominate a captain, pick up your equipment (if required) and decide on a jersey colour.  Tables in the restaurant will have assigned teams with your name on it.  When you arrive, simply find your team’s table and introduce yourself!  Your Sport Manager (Matt) and the KSSC Staff will be going around to each table to answer any questions you and your team may have.

8pm-10pm – Team Captains Package and Equipment Pick-Up

Already familiar with KSSC, or new to KSSC and signed up a team?  This is when you pick up your team equipment, have a few beers with your teammates, confirm your team jersey colour and decide on an awesome team name.  Also, we can help with any questions you may have regarding the season!


Certain sports with KSSC require equipment that each team must have.  Check out your sport below and make sure someone on your team has picked up the gear!  All equipment requires a deposit which you will get back at the end of the season.  You can pay by cash or credit.

If you are a team captain and can't make the Kick-Off Party, please send someone else from your team.  We will NOT be delivering equipment to you at your first game.

Beach Volleyball – 1 volleyball ($75 deposit) - KSSC Volleyball is not mandatory.  You can use your own ball.

Grass Soccer - 1 Ball, 5 cones ($75 deposit)

Turf Soccer - 1 Ball, 5 Cones ($75 deposit)

Softball - 3 balls, set of plates, catchers mask ($75 deposit)

Ultimate - 1 Frisbee, 5 cones ($25 deposit)

All Sorts of Sports – no equipment required, just a fun and social attitude!

Kayaking - no equipment required

Zumba & Ballroom Dancing - no equipment required, just your dancing feet!


See you at the Kick Off Party!