Moosehead Lager

Moosehead Lager and Premium Beer Brands

Canada’s oldest independent brewery. For six generations, they have crafted premium beers and the international award winning standard for Premium Canadian Lager.  A 5% alc./vol. lager that offers a fine balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.  Clean, smooth, and highly refreshing; unmistakably Moosehead.

Member Benefits: 

Moosehead is a big supporter of KSSC!  In return, when you are out enjoying a beer after your game with teammates, out with friends at a local pub or sitting on the dock in the summer, choose Moosehead!

Drink Moosehead and your team could WIN a MOOSEHEAD WATER TUBE!

Value = $250!


How do you win?  Submit any Moosehead, or partner brands below, receipts (from our partner pubs, LCBO or Beer Store).  Fill out your name and contact information on the back of the receipt. There are ballot boxes located at all partner pubs or receipts can be dropped off at our office.  Each season (Winter, Sprummer, Fall), we will be drawing names at our end of season wrap up party's.  Check out our Social Events page for date and location.

Team of the Month

Moosehead will also be sponsoring our 'Team of the Month' promotion!  Upload your best team photo to our facebook page or tweet the image @Kingston_ssc each month and we will select a winner!  If your team is selected, you will win FREE CASE OF MOOSEHEAD!  The winning teams will be announced in our Chalkboard e-newsletter.

Moosehead Partners Include: 

Moosehead Lager, Cracked Canoe, Sam Adams, Hop City Barking Squirrel, Tennents, Hop City Big Mouth Pale Ale, James Ready, Twisted Tea and Magners Irish Cider.

Visit for more information and locations!